Bringing Gilded Age New York Illustrations to CB2 Stores and Catalog: A Success Story

12/17/20234 min read


The Gilded Age of New York City was a time of opulence and grandeur, characterized by the rise of industry, wealth, and cultural development. As an illustrator with a passion for capturing the essence of this era, I embarked on a journey to bring my gilded age New York illustrations to a wider audience. This blog post outlines my experience of successfully getting my artwork into CB2 stores and their catalog, specifically focusing on the illustration of an old post office that became a bestseller. Join me as I share the steps and strategies that led to this achievement.

Research and Preparation

Before approaching CB2, I conducted extensive research to understand their brand, target audience, and the types of products they typically feature. This step was crucial in ensuring that my illustrations aligned with their aesthetic and would appeal to their customers. CB2 is known for its modern, contemporary designs, so it was essential to find a way to bridge the gap between their style and the historical nature of my gilded age illustrations.

Once I had a clear understanding of CB2's preferences, I focused on selecting an illustration that would resonate with their audience. The old post office of New York City, with its intricate architectural details and nostalgic charm, seemed like the perfect choice. Its historical significance and timeless appeal made it a strong contender for inclusion in CB2's collection.

Pitching to CB2

With my research and preparation complete, I crafted a compelling pitch to present my gilded age New York illustrations to CB2. The key to a successful pitch is to clearly communicate the value and uniqueness of the product while addressing any potential concerns or objections.

In my pitch, I highlighted the historical significance of the old post office illustration and its ability to transport viewers back in time to the glamorous era of the Gilded Age. I emphasized how the artwork could serve as a conversation starter and a statement piece in CB2 customers' homes. Additionally, I showcased the versatility of the illustration, explaining how it could seamlessly integrate into modern interior design schemes.

Understanding that visuals play a crucial role in capturing attention, I included high-quality images of the illustration in my pitch. These images showcased the intricate details, vibrant colors, and overall beauty of the artwork, allowing CB2 to envision how it would enhance their product offerings.

Building Relationships

While a compelling pitch is essential, building relationships with the right people within CB2 can significantly increase the chances of success. I reached out to the appropriate contacts at CB2, including their buying team and art directors, to introduce myself and my artwork.

During these initial conversations, I focused on establishing a genuine connection and demonstrating my passion for my craft. I shared the story behind the gilded age New York illustrations, explaining how they were a labor of love and a tribute to the rich history of the city. By showing my dedication and enthusiasm, I was able to build rapport and foster a sense of trust with the CB2 team.

Collaboration and Adaptation

Upon receiving positive feedback from CB2, I began collaborating with their team to adapt the old post office illustration to align with their brand and product requirements. This collaboration involved making adjustments to the size, format, and color palette of the artwork to ensure it seamlessly integrated into CB2's product range.

Throughout this process, it was crucial to maintain open lines of communication and be receptive to feedback. CB2's insights and expertise helped me refine the illustration, ensuring it met their standards while still preserving its historical charm.

In-Store Placement and Catalog Inclusion

Once the adaptation process was complete, CB2 decided to showcase the old post office illustration in their stores and include it in their catalog. This was an exciting milestone in my journey, as it meant that my artwork would reach a wider audience and potentially become a bestseller.

CB2's stores provided an ideal platform for customers to experience the artwork firsthand. The illustration was prominently displayed, accompanied by information about its historical significance and the story behind its creation. This not only helped to create a connection between the artwork and the customers but also added value to their shopping experience.

Inclusion in CB2's catalog further expanded the reach of the illustration. The catalog acted as a visual showcase of CB2's product offerings, and my artwork was featured alongside other carefully curated items. This exposure increased the visibility of the illustration and further solidified its status as a sought-after piece of art.

Continued Success and Growth

The inclusion of the old post office illustration in CB2 stores and catalog proved to be a resounding success. The artwork resonated with CB2's customers, resulting in consistent sales and positive feedback. This achievement opened doors to new opportunities and collaborations, allowing me to further expand my presence in the art world.

Building on this success, I continued to create gilded age New York illustrations that appealed to CB2's audience while maintaining my unique artistic style. By staying attuned to market trends and customer preferences, I was able to adapt and evolve my artwork, ensuring its continued relevance and popularity.


Bringing my gilded age New York illustrations to CB2 stores and their catalog was a rewarding experience that required careful research, effective pitching, relationship building, collaboration, and adaptation. By understanding CB2's brand, target audience, and product preferences, I was able to successfully bridge the gap between historical art and contemporary design.

Through this journey, I learned the importance of persistence, open communication, and a genuine passion for one's craft. The success of the old post office illustration in CB2's stores and catalog not only validated my artistic vision but also opened doors to new opportunities and collaborations.

As an illustrator, I am grateful for the platform CB2 provided, allowing me to share my love for the Gilded Age of New York City and connect with art enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty and historical significance of this era.