Early art: mini sub

Here's the first art from Little Chicken goes to the bottom of the Ocean.  

I first illustrated this mini sub and that started the idea for the book. I illustrate first  then scan and color  it in the computer.  



Announcing my next book!

My next Little Chicken book is on. Join me on the journey. I'll be posting my developments and progression. The book is tentatively titled. Little Chicken goes into a. Black Hole and lives to tell the tale. Or something like that.   

Please leave a Little Chicken review. Thanks!

Ask me any questions about Little Chicken. I'm currently writing the next book.  I will be uploading concept art soon. Thanks for your support. 

Little Chicken goes to the Moon.: Exciting adventures for kids aged 3-5. Space, funny and thrilling stories. 

by Eric Rosner 

Link: https://amzn.com/B01JBD68GQ


3 Things you didn't know about old New York City.

The old NY Post Office. 

Yup this used to be the old post office in NYC.  It was a huge beast of a building that was located near City Hall.  I sure wish it was still around.  Sadly they tore it down and built the current one at 34th st.  Sad

The Gilsey House

This building is super cool.  It was the first hotel in NYC to have phones in the room.  Mark Twain and Oscar Wilde used to hang here.  It still stands at the corner of Broadway and 28th St.

The Puck Building

The home of the fabulous Puck Magazine, THE magazine for political satire at the turn of the century.  I beautiful building that still stands on Houston St.

The water lily

I love to illustrate flowers. Vivid colors and bold architecture, flowers are the most perfect thing. A flower is nature's finest creation. In the mornings I get to stroll around my hood and take snaps of the various flora and then illustrate them at my fav coffee place. When your in the zone and illustrating it's a super high that no drug can match. I love the process when I have a new flower to illustrate.  The blank page, a brand new Sharpie and then I stare at the flower snap. I try to find a distinct structure to begin with.  That's the hardest part, where to begin. When you do find a start and you start, it somehow magically comes to life.  


Temple Court building, New York City!!

Temple Court building, New York City!!

Built in 1890, this fabulous Law office building is just to stunning!!  A real chance to see Gilded Age NYC.  Thankfully it's still around.  It was closed for almost 120 years!!!!  Now it will be a glamours boutique hotel....It's glorious!!!! I got a rare chance to inspect it during re-construction...It was an amazing adventure.

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The Plane

I think over the years of all my art...this plane illustration has consistently been one of my most popular pieces.  The story goes that these two crafts were headed into another dangerous mission and the thoughts that were racing through the teams mind.  

The cat

Here's a cat illustration that I did a few years back. She was a strange looking kitty with a weird stare. The client liked it so there you go. 


Flower art is the best art.

Here is a fabulous flower art piece that is 26"x36" on glorious EPSON matte paper and shipped to you.  I love to illustrate flowers and try to capture the amazing colors.  I usually walk around my hood and try to snap the most amazing offerings.  Flowers are the most perfect creation.  Fabulous micro structures that challenge any man-made object.  I hope you enjoy this water lily. 

water lily.